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Basic Info and a Bit About This Blog

Need quick answers about Nashville and helpful tips on safety and savings? I’ve tried to bring together useful information drawn from frequent interactions with visitors as a lifelong Nashvillian. (I trained to be a tour guide when I was 17 but they didn’t hire me so this is my revenge.)

You’ll find that I show preference to locally owned businesses, especially those who’ve demonstrated their commitment to the community. I’ll always side with David over Goliath.

The FAQ post provides answers to 15 questions often asked by visitors.

Take some sage advice from Metro police officers with Be Smart. Be Safe.

I am always on the hunt to save money. Figuring I’m not alone, I added a Deals and Discounts post. I add to it whenever I’m come across something new.

Seems every blog has an About section so I’m caving into peer pressure here. Find out a bit about who I am and my intentions with this blog.

The pull-down menus should quickly get you to what you want to know. Or use the SEARCH button to look up things like Bluebird Cafe’, walking tour, or free.

About the photo: It juxtaposes the old and the new. On the left is a statue of Captain Thomas Ryman, the riverboat tycoon who financed the building of the Ryman Auditorium. The structure at center is the ATT tower but is best-known as the Batman Building. I entitled the pic “Batman & Ryman.”

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