Spectator Sports

Spectator Sports–Titans, Predators, Nashville SC, Sounds and More

Spectator sports in Nashville cater to a variety of rabid fans. In addition to the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Nashville SC and Nashville Sounds, we host races and even roller derby matches.

Tennessee Titans

Although we haven’t exactly made it to the Superbowl lately, it’s still fun to take in a NFL game in our beautiful stadium, just across the river from downtown. Many of their practices are also open for public viewing. Here’s a look at Nissan Stadium’s seating chart. (Top photo: Flickr, Brent Moore)

2024-25 HOME SCHEDULE (dates TBA)

  • Houston Texans
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • New England Patriots
  • New York Jets
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Cincinnati Bengals
Nashville Predators

Yes, it’s currently king of among Nashville spectator sports but which is more fun to watch: the team on the ice and the Fang-natic fans in the stands? It’s a toss-up (or a face-off). You don’t even have to like hockey to have a good time at games. Where should you sit? Get a view of your view here.


Wednesday, Jan. 31 vs. Kings

Saturday, Feb. 10 vs. Coyotes
Tuesday, Feb. 13 vs. Devils
Thursday, Feb. 15 vs. Stars
Tuesday, Feb 27 vs. Senators
Thursday, Feb. 29 vs. Wild

Saturday, March 2 vs. Avalanche
Tuesday, March 5 vs. Canadiens
Tuesday, March 7 vs. Sabres
Tuesday, March 19 vs. Sharks
Saturday, March 23 vs. Red Wings
Tuesday, March 26 vs. Golden Knights

Tuesday, April 2 vs. Bruins
Thursday, April 4 vs. Blues
Tuesday, April 9 vs. Jets
Saturday, April 13 vs. Blue Jackets

Nashville SC

Our newfound love for professional  soccer is proudly on display in GEODIS Park, now the largest soccer-specific stadium in North America with 30,000 seats. It’s just south of the city adjoining the Nashville Fairgrounds. Note: parking in the area can be challenging. So is getting a rideshare after the match.


  • February 25 vs. New York, 4pm
  • February 28 vs. Moca FC, 8:15pm
  • March 10 vs. LA,  3pm
  • March 30 vs. Columbus, 7:30pm
  • April 6 vs. Philadelphia, 7:30pm
  • April 27 vs. San Jose, 7:30pm
  • May 4 vs. Montreal, 7:30pm
  • May 15 vs. Toronto, 7:30pm
  • May 18 vs. Atlanta, 12:30pm
  • June 1 vs. New England, 7:30pm
  • June 22 vs. NYCFC, 7:30pm
  • June 29 vs. Miami, 7:30pm
  • July 17 vs. Orlando, 7:30pm
  • August 24 vs. Austin, 7:30pm
  • September 18 vs. Chicago, 7:30pm
  • September 21 vs. Cincinnati
  • October 2 vs. D.C., 7:30pm

Nashville Sounds
Nashville Sounds stadium


Dollar for dollar, I don’t think you can find a better sports bargain than a Sounds game where admission prices start at $10. First Tennessee Park is just north of downtown between the state capitol and Germantown. Seems they’ve always got some kind of crazy promotion in play. Music City Mondays often include live entertainment. Throwback Thursdays feature discounted prices on sodas and beer. Fridays feature a fireworks show after the game. (Awaiting confirmation that these promotional events continue in 2024.)


  • April 2 -6 vs. St. Paul, 6:35pm
  • April 7 vs. St. Paul, 2:05pm
  • April 16-20 vs. Omaha, 6:35pm
  • April 21 vs. Omaha, 2:05pm
  • April 30-May 4 vs. Norfolk, 635pm
  • May 5 vs. Norfolk, 2:05pm
  • May 21-25 vs. Charlotte, 6:35pm
  • May 26 vs. Charlotte, 2:05pm
  • June 4-8 vs. Louisville, 6:35pm
  • June 9 vs. Louisville, 2:05pm
  • June 18-22 vs. Durham, 6:35pm
  • June 23 vs. Durham, 2:05pm
  • July 4 vs. Memphis, 6:05pm
  • July 5-6 vs. Memphis, 6:35pm
  • July 9-13 vs. Iowa, 6:35pm
  • July 14 vs. Iowa, 1:05pm
  • July 23-27 vs. Charlotte, 6:35pm
  • July 28 vs. Charlotte, 6:05pm
  • August 6-10 vs. Indianapolis, 6:35pm
  • August 11 vs. Indianapolis, 6:05pm
  • August 20-24 vs. Jacksonville, 6:35pm
  • August 25 vs. Jacksonville, 6:05pm
  • September 3-7 vs. Gwinnett, 6:35pm
  • September 8 vs. Gwinnett, 6:05pm
  • September 10-14 vs. Memphis, 6:35pm
  • September 15 vs. Memphis, 6:05pm
Now let’s explore some options that aren’t quite so obvious.

Field Sports

Nashville Kats

Arena football returns to Nashville this year (and I’m including it here even though the “field” is indoors). Home games, schedule from late April to late June, take place at Nashville Muncipal Auditorium. Former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher is President of Football Operations.

Nashville Maroons

Maybe you didn’t even know that the Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball exists. Well, it does and you’re welcome to cheer for the local duffers playing by rules long since amended. You’ll have to check the website for upcoming games and locations because these folks move around. Grow a handlebar mustache, gents. Don your corsets, ladies. It’s time to play ball.

Nashville Kangaroos

No, I’m not talking about the kangaroo walk-about at the Nashville Zoo. We’re home to an Australian football that includes some card-carrying Aussies on its roster. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it looks a bit like rugby and packs a wallop (or maybe a wallaby). The ‘Roos’ natural habitat is Elmington Park on West End Avenue but they hop about on occasion.

Track Sports

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway
Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway

Credit: NashvilleFairgroundsSpeedway.com/JackKessler

Nashville has a long-standing love affair with fast cars, dating back over 100 years when cars weren’t so fast. The 2023 season includes “nine action-packed weekends,” a combination of local and touring events running April 1-November 5.

Veterans Motoplex

Head on up to Greenbrier, TN for the roar of quarter-mile racing on a high-banked track. Formerly known (and still sometimes referred to) as Highland Rim, the owners are committed to family-friendly entertainment so put headphones on the kids and bring ’em out for a fun night of stock car racing. There’s even a Kids Zone. Adults: $15, Seniors, Students and Military: $12, Youth ages 6-12: $5, Children: Free.

Music City Raceway

Trek to Goodlettsville for your IHRA fix on this 1/8-mile drag racing track. A variety of classes of vehicles blaze down the stretch, starting in March each year.

Other Spectator Sports

Because they keep a lower profile, this is very much a work-in-progress.

Nashville Rollergirls

Go out on the jam with the rockin’est ladies since the Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot. It’s hard-hitting fun as the Nashville All-Stars battle it out with the Nashville Brawl Stars as well as traveling teams at the Nashville Fairgrounds. The fans get so involved it’s hardly a spectator sport. With teammates with names like Princess Die and Toxic Moxie, you know it’s gonna be a hoot.

College Sports

Known as the Athens of the South, we’re home to five universities with stand-out sports teams.  I’ll list them alphabetically and let you hunt up your sport of choice: