Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals–from Single Rooms to Giant Condos

A recent report claimed Nashville has 8,127 short-term rental (STR) listings–everything from private rooms in historic neighborhoods to the downtown bachelorette-friendly condos that sleep 12. Some are owner-occupied while the top four companies have a total of more than 600 properties. A few neighborhoods seem to only have STRs–hives of weekend activity and quiet during the week.

To get a sense of the city’s offerings, check out the really cool interactive map offered by

You’re probably aware of the big players in short-term rentals–like AirBnB, VRBO and HomeToGo. According to Champion Traveler, the average cost for a one-bedroom vacation rental is $140-171 per night with rates spiking on Friday and Saturday night.

The suggestions made on my Lodging page are particularly applicable here. You may find a brand new tall-and-skinny right next to a blighted property so check the neighborhood carefully.

Driving during rush hour will test your patience so consider the location if you need to get into town 6:30-9:00am or out during the 3:30-6:00pm window. If you’ll have a car, make sure that parking is available. That becomes even more important if your group needs multiple parking spaces.

Need to stock up on groceries? Determine if there’s a store nearby–or arrange for a delivery.