Food & Drink

Abundant Choices for Food & Drink in Nashville

I hope you’re hungry… because we’ve got plenty of ways to satisfy you–from down-home dining to gourmet elegance. Places you may have read about–Prince’s Hot Chicken, Martin’s Bar-B-Que, Loveless Cafe’, Biscuit Love, The Catbird Seat–to name a few. And plenty you might like want to explore.

When feasible, I’ve tried to organize these by neighborhoods so you can get a quick handle on what may be convenient to you. Pick your pleasure from this menu and start salivating.

Hot Chicken For those who want to taste the heat and a post for those who prefer to opt out.

Barbecue It’s not our forte’ but we do have some pitmasters who know how to bring out the smoky goodness in pork, beef, chicken and even turkey.

Meat-and-Three Also known as southern cooking, homestyle dining, country cookin’ or the kind of foods that Sunday dinners (and dreams) are made of.

Foodies No category of dining has exploded more than chef-driven eateries. Blame this on the New York Times calling us an “It City” about a decade ago. We’ve got homegrown talent as well as famous chefs trying carve a place for themselves at Nashville’s table.

Local Favorites When traveling, I was like to find where the locals frequent. These may not be award-winners but they hold a place in my heart and, I daresay, lots of longtime Nashvillians.

Airport Options In a world of franchising gone wild, it’s nice to see that the decision makers at Nashville International Airport (BNA) thought it appropriate to set itself apart by offering local food and drink merchants a shot at opening outposts. In fact, you’ll find more than two dozen Nashville-based operations spread across the four concourses.

Street Eats, Thursdays, 11am-2pm. Food trucks line up downtown at 4th Avenue, N. and Deaderick to create a mini-food court.

Breweries Fifteen years ago, we had fewer than five local breweries but–boy, howdy–things have changed with more than twenty operations turning out all manner of beers. Plus ciders.

Distilleries True confession: I don’t know jack about whiskey but I’ve done some research and quizzed some folks who appreciate a good stiff drink.