In-Town Transportation in Nashville

Transportation Options: Getting Around Downtown (and Beyond)

Yes, a Cinderella carriage is an option but there are a multitude of other ways to get around Nashville. 

Taxis, Lyft, Uber,

Taxis offer a flat-rate triangle comprised of Airport-Downtown-Opryland Hotel. Travel from one to another for $30 (it goes up a tad for additional passengers).

During non-peak hours a rideshare may be more affordable but, if demand is great, rates can be as high as $65 for the same route. If you just need to travel a short distance–say, Germantown to downtown–$10-15 is common. Expect to pay higher rates following a big event such as a Titans game or concert at Bridgestone.

Charter car/limousine/van/bus service

Recommended by AirBnB owners:

Old Towne Hop On Hop Off Bus

Hop on/Hop off tour bus

What’s primarily a tour bus doubles as in-town transportation. Two companies offer this hop-on/hop-off service:

  • Olde Town Trolley Tours–They offer 15 stops around downtown including Bicentennial Mall and the Country Music Hall of Fame but ventures as far as Belmont University and Centennial Park. You’re welcome to hop on and off at your discretion with a one-day pass priced at $42.95 if booked online.
  • Grayline–They’ve been in the tour business locally for 50 years. There’s a good chance they offer a mode of transportation that fits your needs.

WeGo bus 

Our bus system isn’t as comprehensive as most major cities but it’s useful to travel along our main corridors.  It’s not your best choice if you’re only needing to travel a few blocks; however, if you need to get to or from downtown, it’s an economical option. Basic prices: $2 for a 2-hour pass (with free transfers available) and $4 for an all-day pass. Children under 19 and seniors 65+ ride for half-price. You can download the app on the website.


The company started with golf carts on steroids that could whiz you from Point A to Point B or serve as your personal tour guide. These days they also offer charter buses, monster trucks and custom tours.

Bcycle electric bike rental

E-bikes and electric scooters

Bring your e-bike back to where you started or drop it off at any of its dozens of Bcycle locations.  Rates start at $27.31 for 120 minutes used over a 3-day period. Check with local bike shops for traditional bike rentals.

You’ll find electric scooters and e-bikes from LimeBird  and Spin all over downtown.  Download the app, enter your credit card info, scan the code on the vehicle and off you go.  Leave it when you reach your destination–but not where it blocks sidewalks or handicap-accessible ramps. Note: 1) You must be 18 or older and have a valid driver’s license to rent one. 2) Only one rider per scooter. 3) It is illegal to ride a scooter on a sidewalk in a business district. 4) Where it is legal to ride on the sidewalks, you must yield to pedestrians and notify them if you are passing them.

Pedal-powered carts

You like the idea of riding around in a bicycle but want to leave the pedaling to someone else, try Nashville BikeCab.

Horse-powered carriages

If you’d like a leisurely clip-clop around downtown, you can rent a carriage (like the one above) from one of several companies. The cost, you ask? A 20-minute ride will cost you something north of $70 for 1-4 people but you can also opt for a 2-hour tour of the city.