A Different Kind of Nashville Blog

While bouncing around Nashville-oriented websites, I discovered an opportunity to use my history as a fourth-generation Nashvillian to create something unique–an all-in-one guide for visitors with an emphasis on tips, time-savers and insider info.

This isn’t a comprehensive review of restaurants. I’ve got some thoughts but others do that better. It’s not a generic overview from a writer who’s never been here. I’ve hounded friends and concierges for insights that I hope help you find exactly what you want to gain from a visit to Music City.

Included are popular topics such as honky tonks, hot chicken, live music, museums, tours, and family activities. I’ve also included a roster of special events, including the annual CMA Fest and St. Jude Rock’n’Roll Marathon. I hope to expand my posts to serve the under-served including travelers with disabilities and those who may be overlooked in generic guides.

Last year we opened a cozy AirBnB suite in our home–one bedroom, a bathroom, and a study in the Vanderbilt/Belmont/West End area. It’s ideal for parents of VU or Belmont students, business travelers and sane tourists who want convenience without the chaos of staying in a hotel or downtown.

If you have a question, email me here. I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible but, with a staff of one (namely me), cut me a little slack in getting back to you.


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