A Different Kind of Nashville Blog

While bouncing around Nashville blogs, I discovered an opportunity to provide greater depth than Top 10 lists and restaurant reviews. I realized there was a need to collate useful visitor information as an alternate route to endless Google searches.

I also was unable to find an centralized source for relocation info even though it’s estimated that 94 people move to the area each day. I decided to be a good neighbor and help newcomers establish a beachhead.

Meet A Local

I’m a third-generation Nashvillian, a lifelong resident and a freelance writer with a portfolio that ranges from ad copy and magazine features to sitcoms and PBS documentaries.

I know a lot of stuff but not everything. To expand beyond my own sphere of information, a number of friends have kindly added their knowledge in various realms.

I'm Michael--offering greater depth about life in Nashville

A thread that runs through my life is a concern for the overlooked and the overwhelmed. That’s why there are resources here for individuals with disabilities, families with kids of various ages, those whose interests lie beyond boot-scooting and people who want to have non-traumatic entry into life here.

Whether you’re passing through or here for the long haul, welcome! If you have a question, email me: questions@notesonnashville.com.



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