How to Act Like a Native Nashvillian

Want to fit in as a newcomer or incognito tourist? Allow me to slip you some tips that'll help you along. Be friendly.¬†Native Nashvillians tend to be nice folks but as the city grows, we may be slipping a notch or two. Still, visitors and newcomers often marvel at what a gracious, welcoming city we... Continue Reading →

Navigate Nashville Streets: Part 1

You can cuss or you can evolve when facing our confusing streets and byways. Let's start with an admittedly imperfect overview. Think of Nashville as having 5 loops around the city and 10 spokes that shoot out in most directions. 5 Sorta Loops of Nashville Loop #1: Interstates 24/40/65 In the old days, this loop... Continue Reading →

How to Get Around Nashville: Transportation Tips

I can't dissolve the detours and construction zones but I can lay out your options for getting to your destination.¬† Walking Although we're not the most walkable city in the country, we're making progress in making getting around Nashville friendly for pedestrians. Folks at the Nashville Convention and Visitors Commission like to tout our high... Continue Reading →

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