Resources for Nashville Visitors With Disabilities

If you have disabilities, travel can be a real challenge. I wish Nashville made it easier for you. I haven’t found a round-up of resources so I created one. Click the links that match your specific special needs. My thanks to individuals and agencies who provided guidance. Note: this is very much a work in progress.

Access Music City. Want to know about access to local attractions and restaurants around town? The staff and volunteers of Empower TN served as your advance team They even rate popular destinations by neighborhood.

Tennessee Disability Pathfinder. Operated through Vanderbilt University, it’s another all-inclusive hub worth investigating.

Wheelmap Nashville. This link takes you to a map marking dozens of places around town. Unfortunately it relies on crowd-sourcing for accessibility information and they haven’t logged much feedback yet.

Nashville Visitors Centers. Operated by the Nashville Tourist and Visitors Corporation, they’re a wealth of knowledge about all things Nashville.

ADA-compliant transportation. Even if you’re not a Nashville resident, you may qualify to take advantage of rides with accessible vehicles operated by MTA (Metro Transit Authority). Click the link to see the guidelines.

These organizations are more focused on advocacy and policy-making but may be able to answer a question:

Tennessee Disability Information Office (615) 862-6492 

Tennessee Disabilities Coalition (615) 383-9442

Serving Nashville Residents with Disabilities

AccessRide.The original program provided by MTA allows you to schedule for transportation. (Note: MTA is transitioning to the name WeGo; AccessRide will also change names at some point.)  Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance and you receive a window of time during which you will be picked up. Their pilot program, Access On Demand allows you to arrange for pick-up at a specific time giving you much more control over your schedule.

You may find these posts helpful:

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Other helpful links:


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