Special Diet? Food allergies? Nashville Welcomes You

Only a few years ago, Nashville held few resources if you required a special diet. Today even Publix and Kroger can meet many needs.


It’s not a comprehensive list but it provides a solid foundation for your special diet, starting with the local businesses.

  • Produce Place (Sylvan Park, in business since 1988)
  • Turnip Truck (East Nashville and the Gulch, local as well)
  • Whole Foods (Green Hills area of Nashville and Franklin)
  • Trader Joe’s (Green Hills, two blocks from Whole Foods)
  • Sprouts (Bellevue and Franklin)
  • Costco (West Nashville and Franklin)


This is a moving target because 100 new restaurants opened (and a few closed) in the Nashville area in the past year. I’ve tried to aggregate them according to the most recognized dietary concerns. Click the blue subheads for details.

Vegan/Vegetarian. You might call if you need specific questions answered. (Note: Avo is in One City off Charlotte, not West End/Elliston Place.)

Gluten-free. Although it appears this writer created her list by Google-searching rather than in-person visits, here are 50 Places to Eat Gluten-Free.

Kosher . Restaurants, bakeries and groceries are included on this list, courtesy of Congregation Sherith Israel.

Halil. I’ll refer you to this clickable map. Hint: Nolensville Road is our multi-cultural Main Street so you’re likely to find the raw materials for your special diet here.

Avo (off Charlotte, across the train tracks from Centennial Park) and Graze (East Nashville) bill themselves as plant-based restaurants.

Vegan Bakeries

Vegan Vee. What are you trying to avoid? This bakery touts most of its offerings as are dairy-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, soy-free and nut-free. The shop in Sylvan Park is only open Friday-Sunday. However, you can find their wares at The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant, Thistle Stop Cafe’, Headquarters Cafe’ and Produce Place.

The Wild Muffin operates from a grab-and-go gluten-free bakery in a tiny shop at 998b Davidson Drive near the West Nashville Wal-Mart. In addition to muffins, they bake cookies, brownies and cakes.

Who’s here to help you? Resources for Nashville Visitors with Disabilities.

Mobility concerns? Navigating Nashville with a Wheelchair.

Audio issues? Help for People Experiencing Hearing Loss.


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