Liquor, Wine, Beer & Coffee: Sip-worthy Souvenirs

Whether you’re looking for liquor, wine, beer or coffee, we offer a host of souvenirs to savor.

You’re probably familiar with a couple of time-honored southern gentlemen in our area–Jack Daniel and George Dickel. But these days, they have company. Fledgling distilleries, breweries and wineries are joining the party with an ever-expanding array of beverages in and around Nashville. And over the past 20 years, coffee roasters have caught fire.


Jack Daniels whiskey

Gentleman Jack started with whiskey but the brand now includes t-shirts and whiskey barrels. Enjoy the distillery tour in Lynchburg or, if you’re in a hurry, visit the General Store at Marathon Village (see below). Note: Moore County is dry so you can’t buy Lynchburg’s most famous export onsite. Coming in 2018: a new distillery and destination honoring Nathan “Nearest” Green, the African American man who taught Jack Daniels his craft.

George Dickel whiskey

If you’re making the rounds in visiting distilleries, George Dickel’s operation is only 10 miles beyond Lynchburg. If you’re into whiskey, you can make this trip a double.

Marathon Village

There may be a logical reason why a bunch of purveyors of potent potables have set up shop here. Maybe it’s because Mike Wolfe of “American Pickers” (of History Channel fame) runs Antique Archaeology shop on the street. (FYI, there are more AP logo items than antiques there.) In addition to the Jack Daniels shop, you’ll find:

Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

Known primarily for their bourbons, they also make a white whiskey. Nice little shop where you can get a bottle or two plus a beautiful bar where you can sip a sample or two after taking their highly popular tour. (Photo above: NGBD’s Belle Meade Bourbons)

Corsair Distillery liquor

Two options to get up close and personal with Corsair, specialists in signature, seasonal and experimental selections. You can visit their unique brewstillery in Marathon Village where they work their magic on both high-gravity beer and malt whiskey. If you want to bypass the beer, visit their other distillery a 10-minute drive south from downtown. Both locations offer tours for $10 and tastings for $2.

Collier and McKeel

Another high-proof possibility to share with friends. But only good friends. Want to know what wonders the C&McK folks can work with corn, rye and malted barley? Get a glass. Just FYI, their website got Shanghai’d by someone and presents an unrelated blog in Japanese so I’m sending you to their Facebook page.

Grinders Switch wines

The namesake of Opry comedienne Minnie Pearl’s mythical hometown, the winery is actually located nearby in Centerville. Your host will be glad to set you up with some homegrown wine as well as gift items.


Once the home of Barbara Mandrell, the estate about 10 miles north of downtown now includes a music venue, restaurant, zipline course and these livations:

Pritchard’s whiskey, liqueurs and rum

Take a tour of their distillery at Fontanel. Or if you’re up for a 1.5 hour drive, visit their distillery in tiny Kelso, TN.

Natchez Hills wines

Also at Fontanel, you can tour the vineyard and winery–or just buy a few bottles to take home.

Other locations

Arrington Vineyards

Arrington Vineyard wines

It’s a little bit of a commitment to get there but what a beautiful destination. With a majestic log cabin on a rolling hill as its centerpiece, it’s a great place to take a picnic, maybe hear a little live music, sample some of their offerings and buy a bottle to enjoy on the premises or take a few home to enjoy later.

Liquor: beer choices at Tailgate Brewery on Music Row
Tailgate Taphouse across from Musica statue on Music Row


Back in 2003, Yazoo was THE craft beer of Nashville. These days there are batches brewing all over town; most breweries offer tours and tastings. For more complete coverage than I can provide, tap local info from this national blog


Iconic Maxwell House brand coffee perked to life in Nashville back in 1892 and was proclaimed by visiting President Teddy Roosevelt, “Good to the last drop.” Recent years have brought an aromatic onslaught of roasters that will one day get a blogpost of its own.

Bongo Java. Revered as the granddaddy of coffeehouses and roasters in town, Bongo has retail operations on the ground floor of Omni Hotel, the mothership across from Belmont University, and in East Nashville. Fido in Hillsboro Village is also part of the Bongo family.

Frothy Monkey. Every Saturday morning I sip on their medium-bodied 12South Blend but you have other options.

8th and Roast. You can smell those beans roasting before you even leave the sidewalk. That’s because their operation behind their coffeehouse counter.

Crema. Closest to downtown, they even offer a coffee class to elevate your knowledge above the average Joe-drinker.

Just Love Coffee. The nice owner let us shoot some video in his Murfreesboro locations where I watched the beans go round and round. You don’t have to go that far; they accept online orders and you can also visit their Nashville location on Music Row or their Brentwood outpost.

I will eventually get around to searching out other small-batch operations.

If these don’t strike your souvenir fancy, try these:

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