Buy for Cheap at Nashville Liquidators

Look to liquidators for deep discounts on everything from furniture and appliances to clothes and birdseed. You never know what you’ll find.

Bargain Hunt aka Essex

The biggest among liquidators, it has ten midstate locations. To bring you cheap merchandise, they wait for a truck to wreck, a store to go out of business or items to be discontinued. You’ll find anything from flatware to stereo equipment and oftentimes it’s barely organized. Closely inspect anything you consider buying–but sometimes you do luck up on a great deal.


Ollie's liquidators in Rivergate
Ollie’s liquidators in Rivergate

Part of the fun of this chain store is that there is no way to predict what you’ll find on the shelves. I’ve come across mattresses, space heaters, cookware, blenders, irregular jeans, deodorant and Cocoa Puffs. It’s just north of Rivergate Mall on Gallatin Pike. Here’s your next stop…

Liquidation Station

Also near Rivergate so if you’re in the market for exercise equipment, a grill or an electronic gadget, it’s worthwhile seeing what’s on special through their Facebook page which is frequently updated.

Head Springs Depot

Discounted upscale furniture, furnishings, mattresses and rugs are among the regular inventory items here at this Franklin store. How upscale? Mattresses that were originally $999 go for $499 or less; an antique-style pedestal dining room table is listed for $749 instead of $1,500.

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