Who Do I Call for Help in Nashville?

who to call for help if goats get in your trees
Things happen so know where to find the right help.

You need to know who to call for help if a power line snaps, someone dumps a sofa in your yard or goats get in your trees. You’ve come to the right place.


911 Yeah, it’s the help line we all know but it’s just for life-threatening emergencies. But if there’s no imminent danger…

615-862-8600 Metro Police Department’s direct line is for “urgency without emergency.” These calls go straight to your local precinct so often the response time can be faster than 911. For everything that doesn’t qualify as a true emergency, memorize this number. That includes traffic light malfunctions, noisy neighbors, fender benders without injuries and reporting a theft or break-in (that’s already occurred).

Belle Meade, Berry Hill, Lakewood and Goodlettsville are among the communities that have their own hyper-local police departments. Contact local government for the appropriate phone number for your area.

Ambulances are primarily routed via 911 (in case of an emergency) although fire trucks often the first responders to the scene who typically have an EMT on board.

Utility issues

Nashville Electric Service To report a power outage, click the link or call 615-234-0000.

Piedmont Gas Company For leaks and other emergencies, call 1-800-752-7504 or 911. For other matters, contact customer service.

Metro Water Services For both water and sewer issues, call 615-862-4600 or email MWSdispatchers@nashville.gov.

Road hazards, accidents, bulk items, dead animal removal  and more

hubNashville is the non-emergency go-to to report all sorts of issues handled by Metro Public Works, plus NES. Use the online request form or call 311 and work through their easy-to-navigate phone tree.

Trash collection occurs weekly and recycling happens monthly in Central Service District. Brush pick-up is scheduled three times a year but if a downed limb blocks a road or sidewalk, call Metro Public Works.


Comcast What’s up with your outage? Find out here. For other issues, to get your questions answered and get the address of the three midstate walk-in Comcast Customer Care Centers, use this link.

AT&T/Uverse For problems with any service, here’s your starting point.

Time Warner Cable aka Spectrum (formerly Charter in some areas) The on-ramp for dealing with issues is this page which opens the options of email, live chat and a toll-free number.

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