Play Golf a Short Drive from Nashville

Mike the Retired Guy gives you the lay of the land for notable public golf outside Nashville–but still nearby. Translation: less than 1 hour (non-rush hour) from downtown Nashville–and worth the drive.

Montgomery Bell State Park

Near the top of the list of place to golf outside Nashville is this jewel. It’s a magnificent course in the deep woods of this grand state park. Lots of improvements in recent years, including championship Bermuda greens, have made this a real destination course. If you’re not from around here, you may need a translator to communicate with the locals-–they talk the original Tennessee hills language. They spit their tobacco all over the course, so the grass stays real green.


Just 5 minutes down Hwy 70 from Montgomery Bell, a real favorite with most folks from the communities west of Nashville. It’s a love or hate course – every hole has its own unique personality. Don’t we all know certain personalities that drive us nuts and some we love dearly? Welcome to Greystone!


Located north of Nashville in Springfield. Pretty and pretty damn hard! It’s a day’s work to get around this course – some small mountains to navigate, but well conditioned and laid out for a good score if you can always hit it straight. When’s the last time you did that?

Champions Run

In a very fertile valley full of sod farms in Rockvale, this course looks deceptively easy because of its flatness, but there’s those sneaky creeks and swamps just hiding everywhere. When you see swamp grass sticking up, don’t hit there! Beware of the old cemetery to the right of No. 11 – it’s got a magnet that attracts golf balls and then buries them!

Henry Horton State Park

On the Duck River south of Nashville. An old favorite of many in the neighborhood and tourists staying at the Park; much improved with the recently installed championship Bermuda greens. It’s an enjoyable, scenic layout that can yield some really good scores. If only the tourists that never play golf except when they visit here (a frequent occurrence) would just go away, play would move a lot faster.

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