Consignment Stores: Better Furnishings at Good Prices

Consider consignments stores iff your tastes and budget elevate you above thrift stores but you still like shopping for good deals. Many antique stores are also set up for consignment but I’ll save them for a separate post. For now, let’s emphasize function and fashion over historic value.

Remix Furniture Store Nice spartan store with ever-changing inventory so if you don’t find what you want today, come back in a day or two. Very laidback. You’ll find everything from executive desks to dorm furniture on a typical visit–and sometimes some funky, hip, mod stuff too. Just south of downtown on Eighth Avenue South.

Finders KeepersA very wide variety of items including mattresses. Whether you want a bedroom suite or a table lamp, you’re likely to find something in your zone. Formerly in multiple locations but now consolidated at 8105 Moores Lane in Cool Springs.

Michael Taylor at Home. His main business is estate sales but he also operates a retail store. Some things are high-end; some things just didn’t ring anyone’s bell at the estate sale. Lots of art on display.

Clearing House Consignment. Lots of glassware, silverware, bowls and lamps along with furniture including antiques. It’s in Belle Meade and I get a sense that this is where the old-money folks part with their belongings.

 Pre- to Post-Modern.  If you’d like something funky or retro, I think you’ll like it at this little store on Eighth Avenue South about a mile south of Remix. Crushed velvet chair, anyone?

Classic Modern. A few doors down from the previous show. They have a mix of consignment items along with direct sales. Best prices if an item has been sitting around a while. Curious small knickknacks along with furniture.

Treasures Consignment in Donelson, across the street from Johnson’s Furniture Discount. A small shop packed with a selection of furniture (including antiques), furnishings and lots of things you stick on shelves to make your home look homey.

Berniece Denton Consignment Shop. If Nashville has a grand dame of estate sales, it is surely Berniece. Many of her sales are in old-money neighborhoods such as Belle Meade so you’ll see plenty of designer names, ornate furniture and upscale art. As a bit of a contradiction, her retail store is at 6309 Charlotte Pike, heading toward Nashville West.

English & Company also touts itself as upscale with its collection of window treatments, rugs, furniture, lighting, glassware and more. It’s in the 100 Oaks area but a bit hidden. When you see Home Depot and Staples, you’re very close.

Classy Cat Consignment in Cool Springs skews very upscale but compared to new prices, you’re getting a bargain. The well-curated website makes it easy to shop before you drive.

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