Upcoming Events in Nashville 2021

Following a quiet 2020, Nashville is roaring back with a great slate of upcoming events in 2021. More events will be added as announcements are made. National Museum of African American Music Now open. Okay, it's not a special event (actually the events are on-going) but after its long-awaited opening on MLK Day 2021, the... Continue Reading →

Visiting Nashville Amid COVID-19 Recovery

UPDATED 1/29/21 The bomb blast on Christmas Day has closed 2nd Avenue, north of Broadway although some farthest from the explosion will be reopening soon. Other businesses are operating as usual under COVID-19 guidelines. Read on for current information. COVID RESTRICTIONS  Face masks are mandated in public but can be removed when eating or drinking.... Continue Reading →

Hidden Treasures of Live Music

With dozens of honky tonks on or near Lower Broadway, you might think these are your only options for live music in Nashville. Not true. Friends helped me curate this list of hidden treasures that won't be found on most "visit Nashville" websites. Mouse over the headers to find links to the websites. Although these... Continue Reading →

Looking for an Alternative to Country Music?

Often asked, "Is there anything in Nashville beside country music?" Absolutely, just pick your alternative: rock, pop, EDM, Americana, metal and more. They just don't get as much publicity. Most venues survive by booking a variety of acts. Organized by location, here are some of the venues that have strong cred, are high profile or... Continue Reading →

Spectator Sports for All Kinds of Fans

You probably know of the Titans, Predators and Sounds but Nashville has a wide range of spectator sports that covet your attention. A few listed below might even surprise you.  Nashville Predators Yes, it's currently king of among Nashville spectator sports but which is more fun to watch: the team on the ice and the... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to Off-Broadway Honky Tonks

UPDATED 1/29/21: * The Christmas Day bombing affected 41 businesses on 2nd Ave., N. including several popular bars/restaurants. Several nearest Broadway have already reopened. * The honky tonks on Broadway are open and unaffected by the blast. COVID notes: Bars stop seating new arrivals at 11pm. All close at midnight. Restaurants that don't serve alcohol... Continue Reading →

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